Triple tigers

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Bringing that classic “old-fashioned” fun back to our modern world is the all new Triple Tigers slot machine from Pragmatic Play, which is exactly what you would expect from a vintage slot machine. If you’re already well acquainted with what the Maltese company of Pragmaticplay does, you will know its popular lines of progressive slots such as the 7 Piggies and its classic set of nostalgic slots games like the Maltese Cross and the Golden Butterfly. However, if you’ve never heard of this brand of machines before, then you should definitely check this site out for its in-depth listing and information about all the different triple jumbo reels and machines you can sink your teeth into.

Unlike the usual icons of casino gaming that we see in the casino, Triple Tigers has symbols instead of numbers that you should recognize right away. These symbols, on the contrary, tell you which jackpot you can win in the game and hence, it is important that you memorize these symbols. You also have a dictionary that tells you the meaning of these symbols and a glossary that list all the commonly used casino terminology that may come in handy in case you get stuck in an unknown place while trying to play Triple Tiger. This may seem like a little extra feature, but it can be very handy in the long run because it can save you from some mistakes and confusion down the line.

Aside, from the benefit of memorizing which symbols go where, Triple Tigers allows players to switch among reels easily by changing just one button. This means that you can have one payline and go between it and another payline by pressing one single button. Also, since there are only three reels in this slot machine, it can be really tricky to tell when the reel spins exactly according to the indicated position of the symbols on the reels. This may require practice, but if you can memorize what happens on each particular reel, then you can tell when the next symbol will appear on the reel. And with just a little practice, you can easily master this game and improve your chances of winning huge amounts of money when you play Triple Tigers at the casino.