The vampires

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If you are a true fan of the Vampire genre then you already know just how fun and entertaining as the games of The Vampires are. The Vampires is an exciting vampire themed casino game that is highly competitive and has a long history of popularity. The Vampires slots game offers an atmospheric storyline with a gruesome old man, vampires and a dark blood-sucking castle. Players apply a healthy dose of strategic thinking and wits to outsmart the evil vampires and their diabolical henchmen in the best way possible. The game involves four simple components that make up the game including:

The first component of the game is a series of beautifully illustrated Gothic symbols that will each represent one of the four main characters of the story. These Gothic symbols include the Cloven Hood, the Bitter Apple, the Creeper’s Nest and the Pale Rider. These symbols are combined in a special way to form unique playing cards that include a single blank space on the front, a vampire icon, a playing chip shaped like a vampire, and four unique playing cards that represent the four different characters of The Vampires. The other three slots cards have normal casino playing chips as well but have Gothic symbols incorporated into them such as the skull, chains, claw or teeth.

In order to activate each character or villain for that matter in The game you must flip a card. The game then proceeds to a random draw and each player will reveal to the other what character or villain they have drawn. This will trigger a random selection effect that will randomly choose a character or villain to escape by other players who have drawn that particular card. This means that players can mix and match them freely so long as they follow one of the basic rules of the game. The winning combinations for winning the game is dependent on the random draw and also depends on which symbol is displayed the most on a particular card.