Super diamond mine

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Super Diamond Mine is an online casino game similar to some of the online slots currently available on the internet. The game basically has a winning bonus system that is similar to that of some of the slot games available on the internet today such as Slots, Video Poker or Blackjack. Also, the game features a ‘cascading” bonus money system where you actually receive a single diamond, once you land on a jackpot, it drops down to the bottom, and when you collect a new diamond it’s placed at the top of your screen be replaced with a new symbol. The actual game play itself is really quite simple with you deciding what icons you want to place your bet on and how much money you want to put up per bet. It’s easy to learn the game since there are plenty of online tutorials available to help you through the basic steps.

After you set up your super diamond mine slots machine, the whole process takes place quite rapidly. First, all of your friends or family need to sign up with you. Once they do, you then need to go to the “My Friends” area of the casino and sign in with them. When your friends make initial deposits into their own accounts, you can transfer your money over to your slots machine account by writing their initial deposit information onto a piece of paper and giving it to your friend.

When you’re playing the super diamond mine slots game, your goal is to accumulate the most symbols along the dotted line by laying down your bets and adding your winnings to your bankroll. As you lay down more symbols the winnings automatically increases until eventually you reach the jackpot which contains lots of really nice prizes. When the jackpot prize is won, the logo on top of this prize will change to a more attractive symbol and your profits from the bonus game will instantly multiply.