Divine dreams

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It’s not surprising that now one of the leading Swedish developers also debut releases of 2018, Divine Dreams has just straight out of the box as well. This all new video slot game is loaded with all the top features high variance enthusiasts appreciate; free spins, multi-player options, crazy bonuses, wild spins and even a few secrets thrown in for good measure. If you’re one of those people who are looking for an exceptional playing experience that can challenge your skill and also give you a great buzz, then there is little doubt you have landed on the right slot machine. This all new video slot machine offers a host of exciting bonuses to draw you into its world of fun, including four exclusive games that have not been seen before on any other machine.

The first slot game you encounter when you log into the Divine Dreams bonus reel is the game called ‘The Dealer’. This game requires that you land on the first symbol on the board and once you do, you will be transported to another room where you’ll be greeted by an agent. Just like the real life experience, you’ll have to negotiate for money and place your bet. In order to win, you must know which of the four symbols on the board is worth your money and in turn, you must place as many bets as possible on that particular symbol to increase your winnings. If you get the highest win percentage, the bonus reel will reward you with 100% of your winnings!

The second game you encounter on the Bonus Wheel is ‘The Temple of Boom’. This is also no real game but rather a themed version of the popular slots game ‘lottery style’. In this game, you’ll travel back to the wonderful world of Indonesian rainforest to locate the pot of gold awaiting you at the end of the rainbow. Once you do, the agent will present you with three symbols and then you’ll have to decide which of them represents what you’re trying to find – the treasure or the temple!