Cat queen

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The first time I read Cat Queen, I really didn’t know what to expect. It seemed so random, even though the author’s name is Colleen Dawes. But as I read it I became engrossed in this crazy story about a girl who lives in an orphanage, has no family, no friends and no one really understand her except for a few words she uses. Cat Queen tells the story of how she came to be a Cat and how she rules her own kingdom. It also includes some very funny moments and at the end includes a very disturbing scene that I think is near to vomit just from reading it.

Cat Queen is on many different levels as an interactive game, a word game, a puzzle game and even a game where you draw pictures of the characters and see if you can make the correct word with them. In the puzzle part of the game you are supposed to match up pairs of similar pictures and create a word with them. There are also different levels where the words you draw fall out of a screen and must be connected together by a line. If these aren’t correct then you lose points and have to go back to where you last saw them and try to fix them. It gets harder as you go up in the game, but that doesn’t matter because as soon as you complete the level you move forward and the next level is easier.

Another fun part of the game is when you read letters that other players have written to you, and you must decipher what they are trying to say. You also have to make the right choices and guess what those choices will be. The one glitch I’ve noticed is if you don’t remember which character is which in a story you will get the wrong answers, but not in this game. All in all I liked this game and recommend it highly to those looking for an easy read, with a good storyline, and lots of hidden characters and items. So, if you enjoy puzzle games and are interested in trying something new then The Cat Queen is a fun game to try.