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The Dot Creative have recently been working along side PANDR (Norwich) to bring their clients web applications to life by coding their designs into working website structures.



About The Dot Creative Graphic Design Team

It was in the back corner of McDonalds with a couple of hours to wait for a train home to Norwich, that theDot first came together. Freshly inspired by a weekend at the 4designers conference in London and having traipsed around museums and exhibitions all day, three minds came together over chicken burgers and chips.

Danni Rondez, peculiar dress sense. Fell into graphic design completely on a whim, when a boy suggested she take graphic design a level. Never before tried Photoshop or even heard of Adobe. In the two years she built up a local reputation. . . designer. Gig events, bands and DJ’s all wanted posters and flyers. She is more of an ideas girl and enjoys anything where she can be creative. Her room looks like a recycle bin, where she has OCD-ed on collecting flyers, postcards, bottles, bags and anything considered good design.

Owen Melbourne, likes his gadgets. Websites and Photoshop are his weapon. He can do just about anything and everything. Binary is his second language. He has been doing paid work, probably since before he could walk, smarmy bastard. Other interests include making girly posters, keeping up to date on the latest films and annoying Danni.

Tom McMahon, the youngest of the trio, but with the beard of Gandalf. Exceptionally hard worker, which is evident in his outcomes, Danni will often call him a genius. He holds a distinctive illustrative style and works pure magic with a pencil. Greatly inspired by John Bergerman, Tom follows his work avidly. Favorite word: awesome. Meat head when it comes to music. Can pick up a guitar and emit some sort of pleasant sound… debatable. Other interests include being a smooth operator and going gigs.

The three are currently studying Graphic Communication at Norwich University College of the Arts, where they delve into advertising, corporate branding, design for publishing, photography, illustration and so on. All confident in their skills, but continuing on their learning journey.

We are a new design group hoping to achieve great things.